Wind energy

Innovative solutions for wind turbines

Wind turbines are getting bigger and bigger in order to achieve higher energy yields. As the output of wind turbines increases, so do the demands placed on the towers, rotor blades, gearboxes and, above all, the components of the wind turbines themselves.

The focus of these requirements is on functional reliability, efficiency and durability. With customized polymer-based components and materials, we support wind turbine manufacturers and their suppliers in achieving these goals.

We offer a diverse portfolio of components for rotor blade production, nacelles and hubs, tower construction, transportation and load securing. In the wind energy sector, we manufacture and supply hundreds of ready-to-install parts for wind turbine bearings, including numerous heavy-duty components and entire assemblies made of rubber and plastic. Your greatest advantage: you define the requirements for the wind turbine – we reliably supply the right components.

Advantages of being a JÄGER customer

Experience meets innovation

With new thinking and based on our experience with rubber and plastics, the JÄGER Group develops products and assemblies for the modern wind energy industry, thereby making the purchasing process significantly easier. Our customers benefit from our expertise in material and product development in the further development of existing components.

Efficiency and reliability

These two aspects form the basis for good cooperation with our customers. The focus is increasingly on efficiency and environmental compatibility. Innovations in individual components are not always visible at first glance, but they are immediately apparent in use. We supply important components and assemblies that are used by leading manufacturers of wind turbines.

Unique materials

The specific properties of rubber and plastic offer a wide range of possible applications. In-depth knowledge of the materials and targeted material selection ensure a long service life and reliable functionality in use. In particular, the substitution of metal components brings various advantages, such as weight reduction or protection against corrosion.

Rotor blade production

Innovative plastics for durable rotor blades in wind turbines

The rotor blades of wind turbines, which are now over 100 meters long, transmit high forces to the machine set in the nacelle. This poses particular challenges for the design of the components. We offer you a large selection of thermoplastics that are, for example, mechanically high-strength or very dimensionally stable. Our components are safely dimensioned and made from high-quality, tested and proven materials, which are essential for the production of high-performance rotor blades with a long service life.

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Gondola & hub

Increased system efficiency thanks to high-quality materials and components

The nacelle of a wind turbine contains the drive train with rotor hub, rotor shaft, generator and other important components. Manufacturers of wind turbines are therefore dependent on reliable materials. These ensure greater system efficiency, longer maintenance intervals and maximum durability.

We provide these with our rubber bearing elements, seals and profiles, which are also suitable for use in rotating parts: for example, they impress with their long service life, low weight and high strength or good noise and vibration-reducing properties.

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Special features

Tower construction

Increased system efficiency thanks to high-quality materials and components

The decisive factor for the stability of the entire wind turbine is the tower and its associated elements. These are exposed to extreme loads and environmental influences on a daily basis. Specializing in components for towers of all types, we offer efficient and economical solutions: Our range provides you with durable cable guides and brackets as well as other accessories for fastening and bundling cables in the tower.

Our range also includes platform seals for sealing the gap between the platform and tower wall and pre-assembled modules as well as individual components for sealing tower elements and other components.





Transport & load securing

Safety and efficiency in the transportation of wind turbine components

Large components such as towers, rotor blades and rotor hubs are delivered to the construction site in complex transportation steps. In order to secure such components, which weigh several tons, the highest quality care is required to ensure compliance with safety requirements.

We have therefore developed a comprehensive range of efficient and high-quality products and materials for the transport and load securing of components for wind turbines, which can be easily adapted to your requirements and thus enable the safe and professional transport of heavy goods or serve as temporary storage. With our special anti-slip and force-absorbing materials, even extremely heavy components are fully protected during transportation and storage.




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